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images of franceQuestion: How many ways in French can you spell the sound of the letter “e” as in bed.

Answer: 9 different ways

There are 9 different ways you can write that one sound in French. No wonder many of us find the French language difficult to spell. Each spelling option is called a grapheme, a distinct way of writing a particular sound within a language.

Your French Chart shows the spelling options available for each French sound in the French language and for those people who like a little more explanation of French spelling, this section has been produced for you. French spelling rules contained within the examples on your French Chart are described in detail within this Spelling section here at

A note on the word “grapheme”.
Most people appreciate a jargon-free life so you will find very little phonetic jargon on this site. “Graphemes” are called spelling choices or options / letter groups or letters. It’s hard enough to learn a new language and many of us don’t have time to learn the language of language as well.

You will find some useful topics in this French Spelling section such as;

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